Who We are

Cristiana Donati

Cristiana worked in the best Romagna’s restaurants kitchens. She developed her outstanding cooking skills through a mix of tradition – she is of from a region of great culinary traditions on the borders of Tuscany and Romagna – and experience.

Cristiana started to work with “Belli Freschi” two years ago. She embraced her new experience as a challenge, a trail-blazing adventure: create a new kind of gluten free food. A food that does not sacrifice taste for health. A food that comes from her traditions and a meets new ingredients.

Cristiana says: “My mission is to make the culinary world aware that there is an“another Romagna”. “A Romagna made of excellence and free of gluten”.

Anna Rita Giorgi

Anna Rita was born in 1968. She worked as an accountant in a company not far where she was born.

At the age of 38 she was diagnosed with celiac disease.
Even If the disease is not immediately life threatening It will lead to some serious consequences if It’s not treated as It should. The disease brought some issues, some limitation to her social life. She felt deprived of the pleasure and satisfactions that good and tasty food used to provide.

Anna Rita is a driven person lead by determination. She decided she had to do something. She started to do some experimentation in a small culinary laboratory all built by herself in the small town of Sarsina. She tried and tried. Experimenting with different kind of flours: corn, rice and so on.
And She succeeded!

She decided to found a company. Her products sold well, very well. Clients number rised and rised. The small laboratory becomes larger, New machines are added, more people worked there: “Belli Freschi” was born.

But She is not satisfied yet: “This is only the beginning of the story.”.